Cyber-Sabot Stabilometric and Stabilographic Platform

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pedana-stabilometrica-cyber-sabots-dima-30-gradiThe stabilometric platform Cyber-Sabots is the device that has received more agreements from the International Comitee on Posture and Stabilometry. Its purpose is to provide automatic measurement of the forces applied to the floor by an individual standing upright and to determine the general pattern of force distribution in relation to a specific position inside a supporting polygon defined by the plantar contact area.
The use of two uncoupled force platforms, one for each foot, permits to provide separate meaurements of forces distributed between the heel and forefoot.

Cyber-Sabots are destined mainly to evaluate and rehabilitate postural abnormalities and to evaluate posture for sports activities.


Simplified comparison of parameter against statistic data

Sabot-Software permits these functions:
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  • Analisi stabilometrica
  • Statokinesigrams and related confidence ellipses
  • Rilevazione del Centro di pressione e del Centro di massa
  • Controllo e sovra-controllo delle oscillazioni : Densità spettrale di interazione
  • Vettogramma del centro di pressione e del centro di massa
  • Spettrogramma delle forze verticali
  • Generazione del Profilo Posturale
  • La diffusione Browniana
  • Diagramma delle asimmetrie
  • Trasformata in frequenza e tempo: Ondelettes
  • Riabilitazione e biofeedback



Il kit comprende : 


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  • pedana stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots™
  • dima per il posizionamento dei Cyber-Sabots™ in parallelo o a 30 gradi
  • bascula di Bessou (per rilevazioni stabilometriche dinamiche)
  • cavo USB 2.0 da 1,5 metri
  • valigetta per il trasporto e lo stoccaggio
  • chiavetta USB contenente software e manuali

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