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Certify your postural assessment

Pedana Stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots


With the stabilometric report that the Cyber-Sabots software returns, you can confirm and certify what you saw during the postural assessment. A stabilometric platform with strain gauge force sensors is the only platform that can be defined as “posturometric”.



Thanks to the statistical database you can compare the patient’s progress over time, both with himself and with a reference population. It becomes immediate to understand if you are on the right clinical path.


The Cyber-Sabots stabilometric platform, in addition to having separate feet, is also divided into the heel area and the mid-tarsal area. Positioning the patient is a matter of seconds, and the analysis takes only 2 minutes!

The Posturometric Platform

The Cyber-Sabots™ stabilometric platform is the only transportable platform for postural stabilometric measurements that is able to simultaneously but separately acquire the pressure and movement data of the force vectors of each heel and forefoot (see Pic. A)

This system, recognized as an evolution of the classic stabilometric platform, consists of two twin platforms that are also physically divided. These platforms perform a perfectly superimposable stabilometry, to that obtained using the stabilometric devices with a single support. It is for this reason that the data obtained meet the normality criteria provided for by the AFP 85/2000 standards.

Pedana Stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots - suddivisione dei 4 quadranti
Pedana Stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots - Ripartizione del carico tra la zona metatarsale e il tallone

The possibility to separately acquire the movement of each foot and to be able to access the variation in distribution between the metatarsal area and that of the heel, allows us to interpret the role of the ankle and hips in controlling the subject’s balance (see pic. C).

The latero-lateral and anteroom-posterior load distribution is displayed in real kg, measured and not calculated. These data cannot be obtained with simple stabilometric platforms.

The proprioceptive tilting platform, also known as the unstable platform of “Bessou”, is the result of careful studies to reach the specifications and requirements required by the Toulouse school (maintaining the radial curvature and maintaining a constant arch of 60 mm height), and transforms the Cyber-Sabots in a dynamic stabilometric platform, able to oscillate antero-posteriorly or later-laterally, all without decreasing the extremely high transportability of the system.

Pedana Stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots - Movimento antero-posteriore sulla bascula di Bessou

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The Software of Cyber-Sabots

The Postural Profile©, a function present within the platform software, is a tool developed to help the clinician interpret the data resulting from a stabilometric analysis performed with the Cyber-Sabots.

It provides a composite representation of the patient’s overall postural assessment and allows the user to identify which parameter are outside the statistical normality of reference. All with a quick glance.

Pedana Stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots - Profilo Posturale Software
Pedana Stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots - Diagramme delle asimmetrie

The asymmetry diagrams are designed to detect the asymmetry with respect to the average position of the pressure center of each foot. The reference standard is obtained from the statistical calculation of the mean position of the center of pressure in a control population. This graphic representation is useful, for example, to identify load anomalies deriving from rotations.

By comparing the state kinesigrams (STKG) detected in different stimulation conditions (e.g open eyes/closed eyes) or foot positioning (e.g. standard/free), you can obtain a wide range of information such as:

  • Location of the unilateral and bilateral STKGs in relation to the feet.
  • Weight distribution in relation to 4 pressure points on the foot.
  • Notion of support for, pivot foot, motor foot, and primary foot.
  • Evaluation of the amplitude of oscillation in both directions /surface and elliptical shape).
  • Comparison of parameter in 2 or more conditions.
  • Evaluation of the general average direction of the oscillations (slope of the ellipse).
Pedana Stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots - Diagramme delle asimmetrie

Training to Use

Training to use the Cyber-Sabots postural platform is the most important part of the supply. It provides a quick and effective way of use, and all the knowledge necessary to interpret the data returned by the software. Usually it develops with a session at the client’s site, in which the most interesting clinical-instrumental evaluation protocols are unidentified and customized.

The visit of the SPRINTIT trainer is also an opportunity to access the suitability of the environment, and allows users to quickly reach a conscious and complete use of the platform.

Formazione Medica Pedana Cyber-Sabots
Video Corsi di Formazione sulla pedana stabilometrica Cyber-Sabots

To learn more about the clinical aspects related to the use of Cyber-Sabots, it is possible to participate in the Stabilometry Laboratory, a “vertical” course exclusively dedicated to stabilometric analysis in posturology.

These events offer clinical classroom sessions held by doctors who habitually use the platform and who are therefore able to highlight the main diagnostic aspects and possibly answer the questions on the topics that the “young” users want to investigate. Classroom courses are filmed and also made available on SprintWARE Medical.

A few years ago Sprintit proposed an on-line video training course on stabilometry which obtained an important recognition in the Italian scientific panorama. Each Cyber-Sabots customer acquires the right to access this resource for free. The program is enriched year after year with video guides on the use of the software and practical examples of use.

95% of customers who have use the Sprintit training service are satisfied, of these, the 64% have suggested to a friend to participate in an event organized by Sprintit.

How to Purchase the Cyber-Sabots Stabilometric Platofrom


Cyber-Sabots is available for purchase, with payment in a single solution (in this case we reserve an additional discount percentage) or through an extension in 3 installments (one installment to confirm the order and then two installments at 30 and 60 days).

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Operating lease or Rental (Italian Residents Only):

Cyber-Sabots is also available with the operating lease formula (OPERATIVE RENTAL). In with a QUARTERLY fee is paid that allows you to use the device. This formula is the most chosen among people who want to avoid a large initial economic exposure and prefer to take advantage of the tax benefits of the services.

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